Websites, Mobile Apps, and Digital Marketing Strategies built to achieve

We are a San Antonio,Texas digital agency specializing in designing, developing, and marketing digital products for startups and small businesses.

"Taking you outside your circle"

- Derrick Brown

We offer

Comprehensive analysis of your business goals and solutions fit for purpose.

End to end development based on cutting-edge technologies and web design.

Lifetime support and maintenance.

We promise

We will create the most optimal solution that will help you reach your goals.

Project will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

We will deliver scalable and extendable solution to grow with your business.


Do you have a business idea that you want to turn into fruition?

Are you already operating a business and need a digital makeover?

  Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing services from Entrepreneur Expansions enables our clients to connect with their audiences beyond the website through the use of different channels including social media, targeted advertising campaigns, website makeover, and content optimization.

  • Bring in additional users and customers

  • Make a better use of existing assets such as the website and social profiles

  • Send a common message about the brand across all the channels

  • Achieve better ranking in search engines

  • Retain visitors and readers on the website for longer and convert passersby into loyal customers

  • Get better value out of your web advertising budget

  Websites built for purpose
Arm yourself with a cutting edge website built to fit your needs today and to grow along with your organization. At Entrepreneur Expansions we always try to find the most efficient and cost effective solution for our customers.
  • No compromises. No shortcuts. No limitations.

  • Proven delivery framework.

  • Integration with web services and external APIs.

  • Website Security.

  • Scalability. Extendibility. Performance.

  • A management team that is instantly responsive to your business' growing needs

 Lean start-up Professionals

We help Build your Business, so that you can live your dream. Using our 3 stage training  system  "Start your business, grow your business, manage your business. Entrepreneur Expansions is here to help you build your brand with a purpose. With over 20 years of Personal  Business Start-up experience and helping over 50 companies succeed, we help you every step of the way.

 Logo, 3D Logo,
White board Illustration Video, Document Creation

We create stunning 3D logo animations that tell your story and create your brand. Our typical projects involve film, entertainment, and corporate identities. Whether if you just need a basic logo or a story board to explain "Who you are, what you do, and what your all about", we are here to help you create your presence.

  Social Media Management and 
Influencer Marketing

Entrepreneur Expansions is the new generation of social first marketing. We are experts in creating and elevating stories in the digital space. We cultivate and raise the voice of your brand with a team of strategists, content managers, copywriters, and consumer responders, in order to drive meaningful social engagement with your target consumer.

  • CONTENT PRODUCTION- Premium storytelling is the heartbeat of ENTREPRENEUR EXPANSIONS . Our team of photographers, cinematographers, and designers produce emotionally engaging content to help shape your brand identity.

  • INFLUENCER MARKETING- Position your brand as close to your customer as possible. We customize campaigns by collaborating with powerful social media influencers, who personally connect with mass markets every single day. We drive social success metrics further than traditional advertising ever could.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING- Using both a demographic and geographic approach with a combination of sharing through our personal network, we take your social media marketing to the next level at the lowest cost.


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